4FRNT is Hiringthread

by 4FRNT
Jun 29th 2020 - Ski Gabber

MARKETING COORDINATOR JOB Location: Must live in or be willing to move to work in Burlington, Vermont Starting: ASAP Submission Deadline: July 6th 4FRNT is a small ski company operated by a tight team of dedicated skiers. All employees wear many hats which is essential for the day to day success of the brand. Thi…

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Sammy Carlson - ASK ME ANYTHINGthread

by Newschoolers
Jun 29th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Good afternoon Newschoolers. This weeks edition of Ask Me Anything is with one of our sports most diversified athletes - Sammy Carlson. One of the few remaining Pros from the ol day’s still consistently pushing the envelop of what is possible on skis. Stashed away in the Canadian interior for most the …

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Favorite ski quotesthread

by Sharkie14
Jun 28th 2020 - Ski Gabber

My friend completely fucked his shit up at the beginning of the season and I’m making him a little project. Throw me your favorite/funny ski quotes! (I know there’s a thread somewhere I can’t find it)

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