6 Instagram Engagement Tactics for Churches

As the church embraces digital solutions for connection, leaders are looking for the platforms and tools that will give them the most for their money.?In the realm of social media, Facebook and YouTube reign supreme.


5 Pointers for Preaching to a Camera

I am not a naturally gifted speaker. I have worked really hard to improve as a communicator. One of the areas I had struggled in for a long time was speaking directly to a camera.

If you have spent many years speaking to a live audience, then speaking straight to a camera in an empty room is quite different.


Upgrading Your Church Mixing Console Score 50%

Upgrading Your Church Mixing Console

The main sound system controller at your church goes by many names: soundboard, audio desk, mixing console, mixer, etc. They all refer to the same thing. Selecting the right soundboard for your church might be the biggest audio decision you make.

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