Monday, May 30, 2011

Watch Amarikan Dad Free

Laboratory of Fashion 2011 - photo and video report! (Lots of photos)

At the beginning of the video - I do not know how many pob?dzie on youtube, because unfortunately I do not know whether this video is not blocked, but we invite you to watch for now - the show in a nutshell:) Sorry for quality!
Hi everyone! On Saturday, despite the disease, participated in the show Fashion Lab 2011, which were presented, among others. projects from raw cotton made by the freshmen School of Art and Fashion Design. I must say that many of them captivated me, a lot of surprises, but the first part the show was definitely the best. Some of the latter - a cycling fashion show (a second-year students' projects) will show in a separate post. Although it was inspiring, the first part I think deserves special mention. The main conclusion, which drew from the show is that, however, simplicity is best: bufkami dresses, modest suits definitely more to my liking than the heart to the head and skirts that look like table cloths:)

And once again what I was wearing that day:

Heart Suddenly Beats Fast

hazy hue

I know that the length of my leg until it screams "sign heels", but no weekends, usually I give a break from war-torn pins feet.

cardigan, necklace, H & M I used to be true only Zelów L'Oreal Sublime Bronze, but compared to L'irene too long to absorb. Maybe you know any good and worth the try bronzers?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fast Food Eat Questionnair

Rainy Rainy Day

wearing: vintage denim jacket & lace dress & ; bag, h & m hat, Muffins broch, Asos wedges

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Although I planned a different outfit, but the weather was completely ruined. For this reason, I could not loosen the reins of imagination and the pictures were not good, but better than nothing Rydz;) I was at the show today, Laboratory of Fashion and I have mixed feelings - but more about that next time you'll add photo relation to the show;) Meanwhile, a new look: combination of elegance and casual look and muffinka-brooch od Muffinek :) Innymi s?owy: eklektyzm pe?n? par?.

I was planning to show you another outfit but the weather broke down. Because of that I couldn't make my idea come true and the photos don't look so well but... better something than nothing. I was at the Fashion Lab (fashion show) today and I have mixed feelings but I'll tell you more another time. I'll add also many photos ;) Today's outfit is all-in-one: elegance, casual and muffin broch. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sample Company Anniversary Letters

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

I had a nasty day, I do not remember the last time someone gave me so badly, like today, people at work, fortunately, not collaborators, but the clients. I dream of a holy and peaceful holiday somewhere far away. And new shoes, much too quickly destroy them my typical walking, like a tank: / Contrary to appearances, perhaps not enough in my femininity ...

jacket / blazer Mango hanging in the air like some sort of dense suspension. I can not just work, I need more space, even within, the pace. And paradoxically, I am glad that we are building this house as the big city, will be closer to the life that I learned while living in Poznan, I miss you terribly. And I think until we accept the fact that they do not dwell anymore on a permanent basis in Poznan, it will always be tormented me, this longing for the past. It's just a piece of complaining that I'm missing the big city I used to live in.

shirt / shirt, glasses / sunnies no name zrobi si? poka?ny.

So here is the moment when each single pair of jeans seem to be too tight for my belly. And I found out genius idea for spring - elastic skirt waist. Amazing piece of garment, I feel I must buy a few more! And I am very happy that Mira Duma helped me with pregnancy fashion by being pregnant last year. I don't have to worry that much what would I wear when my belly will be a bit bigger.

kardigan/cardigan, spódnica/skirt H&M