If you’re viewing this page you must be concerned about our best paying jobs being sent to other countries and non-immigrant guest workers being imported to take our remaining best paying jobs leaving you and the rest of America fighting over crap jobs and trying to survive on jobs that pay less than what it costs to live.

I created these sites because the only thing that allows this scam to operate is the lie that our government, businesses, schools, unemployment offices and state government can’t find qualified employees and I believe that we can educate the public by showing that we have plenty of Americans who are qualified that are unemployed or underemployed.

You can view which government agencies, businesses and schools are hiring non-immigrant guest workers to deprive you of their best paying jobs by clicking on “American Job Hunting Licenses” to the left.

Please tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers about this site so that we can do more to Keep America At Work by hiring Americans in America.

I created the following video to help you navigate the site and titled it Doctors Need Work Too as they also are going through what we tech workers are going through.