A Woodworker's Bench Notes is a collection of plans, jigs and information that I have accumulated over the years. The information contained in this site is offered with the assumption that the reader has a basic knowledge of tool use and safety procedures, see disclaimer at bottom of page.

For anyone just starting out in woodworking as a hobby I have another site "Sawdust Making 101" which has information on getting started and plans for simple projects. For more project ideas visit Absolutely Free Plans a site that has an index to hundreds of free plans as well as woodworking clip art for making your own patterns.

Frank Campbell

I am combining many of the projects with those at Sawdustmaking 101 so that they are all in one handy location.

Drill Press Stand

Made from file cabinet.

Strip Cutting Gauge

Guide to cut multiple thin strips the same width on a table saw.

Heart Wheel

4 1/4" wheel jig.


Helps to make accurate cuts on a table saw.


Router cuts keyhole slots to hang projects.


Useful for drilling and cutting dowels.

Router Dado Guide

Cut exact width dados with a router.

Wedge Clamps

Effective emergency clamp.

Handy rainy day project


Wide topped sawhorse.



Evenly space holes in assembled shelf.





Practical Mechanics For Boys

This book takes the beginner
through a comprehensive series of
practical shop work, in which the
uses of tools, and the structure and
handling of shop machinery are set
forth; how they are utilized to
perform the work, and the manner
in which all dimensional work is
carried out.

Online Reprint

Free Mission Style Furniture Plans from
Vintage Internet Plans

These are plans from a 1912 Popular Mechanics publication "Mission Furniture and How to Make It. Each plan has basic instructions and .pdf downloadable drawings.





Replaced Table on Dewalt Radial Arm Saw

Made from salvaged speed reduction motor.

Craftsman Contractor saw repair.

T - Square style rip fence I built.

Trip down memory lane and the tools my father built.

Types of joints and tools used to make them

Proper method to file steel.

What and why is 2d and more.
How to draw stars, hexagons, octagons etc. with a compass.
The basics and kinds of nailers available.
Easy method for making pattern
How to make coped moulding joints.
S4S, Board Feet, 4/4 explained
Materials to use and how to clean and maintain them.
A few hints on making patterns.
Clips and dados allow top to float.
Basic use of taps and dies.
How to find center or mid point.
Tips, tricks and shortcuts
Help to calculate area, capacity, etc. of common objects.

Information and supplies from Rockler.

Finding pulley and gear sizes.

How they work and what to look for in a blade.

Tips and supplies to make your own.

Frequently asked questions.

Saw and dry your own lumber.

Get tight square joints.

Use and functions of rack and pinions.

Woodworking Humour

a collection of woodworking related jokes

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