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Well, If You Like Corruption, Hatred, & Disease, Boy Have I Got a Blog For You

Y?know, just the other day I was thinking that the one thing this shitshow was missing was the traumatizing soundscape of the modern battlefield, so a big fat thumbs up to whoever added the all-night fireworks shows to the simulation; it?s that kind of loving attention to detail that makes life truly unbearable here in Hell. Well, that and, of course, the news:

I think we?ve lost track of which Friday Night Massacre we?re on now. XVIII? IX? X: Massacre in Space? That franchise is totally out of control; I thought it was a mistake when they added the masculine toilet guy to the cast, and it?s been all downhill from there. Anyway, Redactor General William Barr tried to fire Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney overseeing several investigations into the Shart Cabal, by announcing Berman had resigned, only Berman went, ?shit that?s news to me, Jowls,? so there was a whole THING. In the end, Berman agreed to leave, but Barr didn?t get to install his preferred stooges, so...yay? American democracy gets to live to fight another day, I guess? I?ll take my good news where I can find it these days....


Four more years of this maniac could end humanity

It took a meteor to destroy the dinosaurs.

It may take nothing more than a malicious buffoon to destroy humanity.

Yeah, he has control of the nuclear "button." But that's just one way he can end us all....


Want To Vote In November? Get In Line Now

The only way Trump can win is by MASSIVE VOTER SUPPRESSION. MASSIVE!

There will be one voting machine for ever 20 rural people, and one for every 10,000 urban / minority voters.

They know they can do it. They have been doing it for years....

Stuart G

An Opinion About Lincoln Project Ads - - Why So Effective..

....The reason these ads are so effective is that the people who make them, know that Trump is the worst president ever. These film makers want to save this country that they love. The film makers want these ads to be as close to "perfect" as possible. It doesn't look like it, but they spend a lot of time on each ad to make it just right. The Lincoln Project knows what is at stake in November and so do we. We must save the U.S.A., and these ads will help. We need all the help we can get. Thank You Lincoln Project for your ads.


If we disband the NHC and stop using weather radar can we avoid a hurricane season?

I mean if we don't acknowledge, name them, or see them out there they don't exist.

I could use a pass from storms this year.


No One Is Talking About The Horrible Things Trump Has Done Because Of New Horrible Things

He says and does every single day.

The media does suck, but they simply can't keep up. There is no end to the crimes, lies, obstruction, and theft going on.

Them kids are still lost, in cages somewhere too.

We are being too nice.

Republicans Are A Disease.


None of this even pretends to make sense anymore

President Trump tells CBN that President Obama committed ?treason? and says he?s looking forward to Justice Department inquiries into the Obama administration. ?Let?s see what they come up with.? Quick. Look. Over there. Lets talk about Obama and nonsense. Lets not talk about how the economy is tanked, the streets are full of zommers protesting injustice, Barr is about to be investigated by Congress for yuge abuse of power, 40 million unemployed, oh and 120k dead and a pandemic running wild in the red wall of the south. Lets talk about the last President committing treason for some made up bollocks. In some ways this is funny because it is so absurd. But, truly, other than the most damned of the cultist being distracted by this, at this point in the Trump horror show does he really think that this will gain traction? It may distract as an amusing aside for a hot minute, but after that people and are living through the chaos of 2020, and spinning and gaslighting and trying to distract the electorate is not going to work. Not right now when people are hurting as much as they are. He is not even pretending to make sense at this point. It is insulting.


He's Furious...What Else Is New?

Every day he's furious about something and we're supposed to care. And Princess Pushy and her husband are furious too now because of the way Sat. worked out. THese stealing, cheating, lying, grifters who have blood pouring off their hands, have everything they could want and they spend their days furious....

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National Guard deploying unarmed personnel to protect DC monuments

3 min ago - The National Guard has agreed to send unarmed members to assist U.S. Park Police in securing Washington?s national monuments, CNN reported Wednesday. "The District of Columbia National Guard is responding to a request to support law enforcement ... (The Hill)

Coronavirus hospitalizations surge in Arizona, Texas

31 min ago - Coronavirus hospitalizations in Arizona and Texas have hit record numbers as cases continue to surge in states in the South and the West, overwhelming medical professionals. Arizona reported a record high of 3,591 new cases Tuesday, with nearly 60,0 ... (NBC News)

It's Going Away': Trump Plays Down Coronavirus At Arizona Rally As Cases Surge In The State

34 min ago - ?It?s going away,? Trump said of the virus, which he referred to as ?the plague.? Trump stressed the need to reopen the country and end lockdown measures put in place to mitigate the spread of the virus, which is still on the rise in 26 states, incl ... (Forbes)

Bubba Wallace responds to FBI findings: 'Whether tied in 2019, or whatever, it was a noose'

55 min ago - NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace says he's "pissed" members of the public are now questioning his integrity after the FBI said a noose found in his garage stall this week was there before his team moved in. "I'm mad because people are tryi ... (CNN)

U.S. Appeals Court Orders Judge to Dismiss Michael Flynn Case

1 hr ago - A federal appeals court ordered a judge to immediately dismiss the criminal case against President Donald Trump?s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, Bloomberg News reports. A three-judge appellate panel on Wednesday denied U.S. Distric ... (Bloomberg)

'It's a nice hashtag': Chicago's Lightfoot pushes police reform, not defunding

3 hrs ago - CHICAGO ? Lori Lightfoot was a federal prosecutor handling a big drug conspiracy case in the late 1990s when she asked to go on a ride-along with Chicago police officers on the city?s South Side. It was a chance to get a first-hand look at how deals ... (Politico)

'Embarrassing': Trump's endorsement rejected by Republicans in 'landslide' defeat for seat once he

3 hrs ago - ?Embarrassing?: Trump?s endorsement rejected by Republicans in ?landslide? defeat for seat once held by his chief of staff Published 8 hours ago on June 23, 2020 Voters in North Carolina went to the polls on Tuesday for a special election ... (raw story)

Wisconsin state senator attacked by protesters as demonstrations in Madison turn violent

3 hrs ago - Amid heated demonstrations that left two statues destroyed and windows smashed in Madison, a Democratic state senator was reportedly attacked by protesters near the Wisconsin State Capitol. State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) told the Milwaukee J ... (The Washington Post)

Virginia to create first pandemic workplace safety mandates in nation, as Trump labor agency ...

4 hrs ago - Virginia to create first pandemic workplace safety mandates in nation, as Trump labor agency sits on sidelines The governor's office said the rules were prompted in large part by the lack of enforcement by the federal agency tasked with upholding wo ... (Washington Post)

Lawsuit Filed Against Atlanta Police Department After Officer Shoots Man Outside McDonald's

5 hrs ago - By Vaishnavi Vaidyanathan 06/24/20 AT 5:50 AM - video at link - lawsuit has been filed against the Atlanta Police Department and one of its officers by a man claiming that he was shot by the deputy outside a McDonald's outlet in December 2018. S ... (International Business Times)

South Dakota couple plead not guilty to using prod on kids

5 hrs ago - A South Dakota couple have pleaded not guilty to charges that they gave four children illegal drugs and zapped them with a cattle prod to get them to comply with orders By The Associated Press June 23, 2020, 7:12 PM 1 min read This photos release ... (Associated Press)

As the Virus Surges in South Florida, a Trump Resort Joins the Rush to Reopen

6 hrs ago - Eric Lipton, Neil Reisner, Steve Eder and Ben Protess 5 hrs ago Poolside at President Trump?s resort near Miami, dozens of guests sunned last weekend on lounge chairs and chatted in cabanas. Golfers fanned out across multiple courses, and the hote ... (New York Times)

City council votes to remove John C. Calhoun statue from Charleston square

12 hrs ago - BY JUSTINE COLEMAN - 06/23/20 10:10 PM EDT Charleston?s city council voted unanimously on Tuesday to remove and relocate a statue of former vice president and slave advocate John C. Calhoun from a downtown square. The approved resolution will allo ... (The Hill)

Seven states report highest coronavirus hospitalizations since pandemic began

12 hrs ago - Seven states are reporting new highs for current coronavirus hospitalizations, according to data tracked by The Washington Post ? Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas ? as the number of infections continu ... (Washington Post)

Record high of new coronavirus cases reported in California: More than 6,000 in a day

13 hrs ago - California shattered a daily record for new coronavirus cases with more than 6,000 infections reported Monday ? the largest single-day count in the state since the pandemic hit the U.S. In Los Angeles County, officials on Tuesday reported more than ... (LA Times)

Rep. Norton Calls For The Removal of Emancipation Memorial At Lincoln Park, Protest ScheduledTonight

14 hrs ago - (5 hrs ago). Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton wants the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park removed, and she will look to introduce legislation in the House of Representatives if the National Park Service cannot remove it. "Because Lincoln Park is N ... (WUSA9)

Obama and Biden reunite on campaign trail, raise over $11M in grassroots fundraiser

14 hrs ago - Joe Biden and Barack Obama reunited for the first time in the 2020 election cycle for a grassroots fundraiser Tuesday evening that raised more than $11 million according to the campaign -- the best fundraising event for the former vice president so f ... (ABC News)

Baseball's Back: Players Reporting to Camps After Reaching Deal With Owners

14 hrs ago - Major League Baseball players on Tuesday said they were reporting to training camp after reaching a deal to start the coronavirus-delayed 2020 season. MLB had asked the union to respond by 5 p.m. EDT Tuesday as to whether players can report to train ... (NBC Los Angeles)

Madison Cawthorn, 24, defeats Trump's pick in North Carolina congressional primary for seat Trump's

14 hrs ago - Madison Cawthorn, 24, defeats Trump?s pick in North Carolina congressional primary for seat Trump?s chief of staff held ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) ? Madison Cawthorn, 24, defeats Trump?s pick in North Carolina congressional primary for seat Trump?s chief ... (Associated Press)

Amid fight over Jeffrey Epstein's dark secrets, Dershowitz seeks access to sealed documents

14 hrs ago - Lawyer Alan Dershowitz is fighting to obtain secret court documents involving Jeffrey Epstein to use in a civil defamation lawsuit he has filed against a woman who claims she was forced to have sex with the flamboyant Harvard professor when she was a ... (Miami Herald)

Prosecutor says he was pressured to cut Roger Stone 'a break' because of his ties to Trump

15 hrs ago - A prosecutor who withdrew from the Roger Stone case after Justice Department leaders intervened to recommend a lighter sentence intends to testify before Congress that he and his colleagues were repeatedly pressured to cut Stone "a break," ... (Politico)

Georgia hate crimes law heads to governor's desk in wake of Ahmaud Arbery shooting

15 hrs ago - A hate crime law in Georgia was headed to the governor's desk Tuesday weeks after Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery was shot by armed white men in what many called a modern-day lynching. Georgia is one of only a handful of states without hate crimes legisl ... (USA Today)

Former staffer says Chris Janicek invited her to skinny-dip with him

16 hrs ago - By Aaron Sanderford U.S. Senate candidate Chris Janicek faced new questions Monday about his personal conduct: a female campaign staffer?s claim that he discussed swimming naked together. Former staffer Allison Bitterman told The World-Herald that ... (Omaha World Herald)

Adult film star Ron Jeremy charged with rape, sexual assault

17 hrs ago - LOS ANGELES -- Adult film star Ron Jeremy was charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth, Los Angeles County prosecutors said Tuesday. The counts make the 67-year-old Jeremy the third man to be charged, along with Harvey Weinst ... (ABC News)

5,489 New COVID-19 Cases: Texas Reports All-Time Daily High

17 hrs ago - "Today, Texas will report an all-time high in the number of cases of people testing positive" for the coronavirus, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday, adding that for the first time, his state would surpass 5,000 new cases in a single day. Hour ... (NPR)

Trump Family Asks Court to Stop Publication of Tell-All by President's Niece

17 hrs ago - - President Trump?s family is seeking a temporary restraining order to try to block publication of a tell-all book by the president?s niece, Mary L. Trump. Ms. Trump is the daughter of the president?s late brother, Fred Trump Jr., and her book, ?To ... (NYT)

Restaurant fires two managers for barring black child over clothing

18 hrs ago - A restaurant group has fired two managers and apologized for what the company calls "an incredibly disturbing incident" at one of its Baltimore eateries in which a black woman and her nine-year-old son were denied service due to the boy's c ... (CBS News)

Students bring COVID-19 back from Myrtle Beach trips

18 hrs ago - Students who recently traveled to Myrtle Beach brought COVID-19 back to West Virginia and Ohio, health officials say. A total of 91 students traveled from several counties in those states to the South Carolina destination, and of those, 45 were from ... (CBS News)

Arizona reports record single-day increase in coronavirus cases ahead of Trump's visit

18 hrs ago - The Arizona Department of Health reported nearly 3,600 additional Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, another record in additional daily cases, ahead of President Donald Trump's scheduled appearances in the state later in the day. Arizona is averaging about ... (CNBC)