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For 20 plus years, Vicki Bacal, M.A. and her team at The Resume Specialists have been helping our clients prepare for the next chapter in their careers. Exciting resumes, cover letters, and interview prep are the keys to a successful career search. In a personalized writing/interview session, we discuss your current job objectives and relevant experience, and identify your key selling points. We enjoy assisting clients in reaching their highest potential and motivating them to find the right career. Using a collaborative team approach, we create a winning strategy, and develop a persuasive, customized resume that highlights your key strengths and qualifications for the positions you seek. 

Our team understands that your particular situation is unique, and provides a relaxed environment to learn more about you and your expectations. Of course, we will be glad to address your questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your job search. We have assisted over 15,000 clients like you, whether advancing in their chosen profession, transitioning to a new field, or launching a new career. We’ll begin by discussing your background, career goals, skills and accomplishments. We then develop a dynamic resume that generates immediate, positive response from your targeted employers. To speak with Vicki and our team, to learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment please call us today at 952-928-0660.


Focus your resume on your key accomplishments, career highlights, and areas of pride instead of just your duties. Be sure to take credit for anything you may have done as a team member.

INTERVIEW TIP OF THE MONTH:                    

Prepare a 90 second answer to the question "Why should I hire you?" It should focus on the strengths, qualities, and experience that will make you an asset to the targeted employer, and would differentiate you from any competitors.  

Let Us Help You Start The Next Chapter In Your Career 

Why Choose The Resume Specialists

  • Nationally Recognized Resume Expert & Career Coach
  • 20 Plus Years of Experience & Over 15,000 Clients
  • Featured Speaker For Twin Cities Companies & Organizations
  • Personalized Resume Writing & Interview Sessions 
  • Serving Clients in All Stages of Their Careers
  • Strategies To Identify Your Key Strengths & Areas of Pride
  • Winning Strategies To Make You The Top Candidate
  • Professional Resume Preparation Steps
  • Powerful, Multi-Targeted Cover Letters
  • Building Confident & Persuasive Interview Skills
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