32 Senior Citizen things to do while Social Distancing

By Elizabeth Crane | March 30, 2020
Senior Citizen things to do social distancing

It looks like we’re in it for the long-haul! But there are a lot of senior citizen things to do while social distancing. Watching TV…

High Limit Blackjack In Vegas – Play with the Whales

By Elizabeth Crane | February 14, 2020
high limit blackjack vegas

Las Vegas has the best high limit blackjack in the world. Take a look at some of the famous casinos that cater to the whales…

5 Best Trump Hats to Piss off your Neighbors — or Make New Friends

By Elizabeth Crane | January 25, 2020
best trump hats

Tired of being silent about your political views? These 5 best Trump hats will show how you really feel. And as an added bonus you…

Attorney Direct Mail Marketing: 6 Best Practices to Follow

By Elizabeth Crane | September 2, 2019
attorney direct mail

Even in the world of websites and social media, attorney direct mail still performs for law firms. That is, if you know the rules to…

The CHAMPVA Benefits Program: Everything You Need to Know

By Elizabeth Crane | August 30, 2019
champva benefits program

Did you know that the CHAMPVA benefits program helps eligible beneficiaries with certain medically necessary supplies and procedures? The life of a US armed services…

How Holiday Direct Mail Can Help Your Business Have a Great Sales Season

By Elizabeth Crane | August 27, 2019
holiday direct mail

Be Environmentally Friendly with a Tensioned Fabric Building

By Elizabeth Crane | October 30, 2016
tensioned fabric building

Did you know there are few structures?greener than a tensioned fabric building? ?A Tensioned Fabric Structure (TFS) can help your business be more environmentally friendly.…

Why doesn’t the VA employ more veterans today?

By Elizabeth Crane | February 2, 2016
veterans today

With the federal government pushing for increased veteran hiring across the economic sector, you would imagine that federal agencies, such as the Veteran’s Administration (VA),…

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana ? We’re still the Wild West

By Elizabeth Crane | January 21, 2016
Las Vegas Medical Marijuana

It might be legal, but Las Vegas medical marijuana is still the wild west. From licensing disagreements between Clark County and the State of Nevada…

Are Your Convention Promotional Items Taken and Treasured?

By Elizabeth Crane | December 30, 2015

Convention promotional items can be a big draw. Giving away free items helps?attract people to your exhibit. They can also be items which are seen…