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Possible Autistic Vulnerability to COVID-19

This is a complex subject, but I'll do my best to explain . . . .

Over the past 20 years we have made some progress understanding the biological underpinnings of autism, and by extension, ADHD and other related neurodevelopmental conditions. We have long known of links between autism and dysregulation of the immune system. One marker of that is abnormal cytokine levels found in some autistic people.[i]
We don’t know if the immune dysregulation leads to development of different brain wiring, or if our different brain wiring leads to immune dysregulation.  It’s also possible there is some factor common to both, making immune dysregulation and autism (in some people) both by-products of some lower level difference.  One reason I advocate for basic research is to answer questions like that.  While autism itself if not physically life threatening, immune dysregulation is.  When the two are intertwined as they are in many autistics, it presents a medical threat we need to address.
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