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Atlanta Airport Hotels

Searching for Atlantas best airport hotels? True, airport hotels do have an additional advantage of being very, very near to the airports, making transportations quick and easy. If you are looking for airport hotels in Atlanta, then you are in luck. Atlanta has a number of airport hotels, luxurious, comfortable, having high-quality service, which will cater to all your needs.

Some truly fabulous airport hotels include the following: Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel, Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel, Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta, Courtyard by Marriot Atlanta Hotel Airport North, Amerisuites Atlanta Airport North, Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta Airport, Best Western Atlanta Airport, Westin Atlanta Airport, Marriot Atlanta Airport, and Peachtree Hotel Atlanta Airport.

The aforementioned hotels are not only situated close to the airport, but also draped in style and luxury for your comfort and convenience. Although transportation from these hotels to Hartsfield-Jackson International Atlanta airport is not a problem at all, some hotels like Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel, Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta, Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel, and Courtyard by Marriot Atlanta Airport North, among others provide free shuttle services to and from the airport.

Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel is an AAA 4-Diamond Award winner for 16 years. Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta boasts of having the largest ballroom among all airport hotels, while the other hotels have a number of other luxury and comfort features.

Some common features of nearly all the aforementioned hotels are their proximity to the airport and certain comfort and essential in-room and hotel services. Most of the hotels offer a wide array of amenities such as data ports, Internet services, complimentary newspapers, coffee maker, iron and ironing boards, cable access television, hair dryer, handicapped rooms, restaurants, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, spa or fitness centers, business center, and many more services.

A unique feature of these airport hotels is that without compromising on breathtaking views of the surroundings, such hotels have been constructed in such manners so as to reduce the impact of sound. Hence, they make perfect havens in spite of being so near to the airport.

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What Does a GFI Do? - Electrical Problems

In your bathroom you should have a GFI electrical outlet. Most new homes or newly remodeled homes require you to have GFI electrical outlets in the kitchen. Most older kitchens do not have GFI electrical outlets. GFI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter.

Why not call it a GFCI instead of a GFI electrical outlet? Well it is called a GFCI in some instances. GFI is short and is the most common name used by most electricians and builders for this type of outlet.

GFI 's come in 15 amp and 20 amperage outlets. GFI outlets must be wired properly. Make sure you're using the proper wire size when hooking up the GFI outlet.

How do I know which size wire to use? This all depends on how far away you are running it from the electrical panel. There are charts you can use to figure this out. If you are not running the electrical wire more than 80 feet from the electrical panel you can use 12 gauge electrical wires for a 20 amp GFI. This is a general rule of thumb for most electrical house wiring.

If you're going to be using a 15 amp GFI and you are going to be less than 80 feet away from the electrical panel you can use 14 gauge electrical wires. Again this is just a general rule of thumb for most electrical house wiring.

A GFI is a light duty electrical plug used in bathrooms, kitchens and the exterior of your house. The sole purpose of the GFI is to shut the breaker off faster if there is any moisture or light load problems.

Let's say for instance you have your hair dryer plugged into the GFI outlet. The hair dryer somehow falls into the sink while it is on or plugged in. The GFI outlet will instantly shut off because of the sensitivity of the breaker inside of the plug it self.

The GFI plug has a test button and a reset button on it. If you are continually resetting the GFI you will wear it out eventually. I have had GFI plugs after resetting the button about 10 times break and no longer able to use them.

The GFI electrical plug is a great idea and if you don't have them in your bathroom or outside of your home it would be a great idea to have an electrician install them for you.

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San Diego Termite Damage

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Bathroom Remodeling With a Shower Curtain

In bathroom decorating, the shower curtains tend to be the focus of the room in most cases. The great thing is that there is a wide variety of choices that you can choose from to enhance the look of your bathroom and your home. From simpler, more sedate shower curtains to unusual and unique shower curtains, you are sure to find just the right look and personality of curtain for your bathroom remodeling. This is a low cost way to undergo bathroom remodeling if you are not able or willing to redo the entire room. You can choose shower curtains that coordinate with the rest of your accessories to give the entire room a new look and feel.

How Do You Choose Shower Curtains?

There are many different choices in shower curtains for your bathroom. From unique styles to more traditional, simple styles, you will be able to find just the right style and color of shower curtain for your bathroom. After you have chosen the fabric and design of your shower curtain, then you can move on to the curtain rings and rod. Be sure that you choose wisely, because these choices can make the room look complete or it can detract from the whole look.

Shower curtains come in many different waterproof materials, including PVC coated, vinyl coated, and nylon to ensure that they are durable in the shower. Even if you find a curtain that is not made of a waterproof material and it will work great for decorating your bathroom, you can still use it with a plain vinyl shower curtain. This can give you the exact look that you are desiring and you will still have the durable, waterproof protection.

Shower Curtains Made By You

If you just cannot find the right look or style for your bathroom, then you will be happy to know that you can create your own. Whether you are a sewer or not, there are a wide variety of different instructions to enable even the most craft-challenged of us to create designer shower curtains. Use your imagination and create the perfect look for your bathroom.

Keeping Your Shower Curtains Clean

The number one problem in the bathroom is mold. Your shower curtain will be no exception to this problem, simply because mold loves the warm and damp environment of your shower. In some people, mold can trigger health problems, which is why it is very important to you're your shower curtain as clean as possible.

To clean your shower curtain you want to use a cleaner that is specially made to clean and kill the mold. Most of the time, shower curtains can't be cleaned in the washing machine, but you will have to check the tag on your particular curtain to be sure. If you can wash it in the washing machine, then wash it using hot water and bleach to kill the mold and germs. If not, then you can wash the curtain, apply lemon juice to the mold, and then place it in the sun. The sun and lemon juice together will kill the mold.

After the mold is killed, you want to keep it away. To do this, you want to keep your bathroom ventilated by opening a window or opening a vent and you can soak your clean shower curtain in salt water, as this can help inhibit mold growth.

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Window Safety Checklist - Homeowners Must Read

Broken glass is definitely a health hazard, for anyone who is near it, when the glass is actually broken. After the glass is broken and is laying on the ground in pieces, people can still get hurt. Here's a basic window safety checklist for homeowners that everyone must read. It will provide you with some simple tips that could prevent a loved one from getting seriously injured in the future.

1. Contact your local building department or fire department, to get the basic requirements for using your window as a fire escape. Your windows can be used to jump out of, if there is a fire inside your home.

2. Make sure that young children avoid playing around windows. You should always teach your children, never to throw large objects or balls in the house.

3. You might think about installing a window ladder, if you live in a two-story home, which could be made of rope or chain. These latter's can be thrown out of the window, while latching onto the window sill, in case there's a fire. It would provide you with an alternative from jumping out of the window. Don't under estimate these fire ladders, they can be extremely difficult to climb down.

4. If you leave large sliding glass doors open on a regular basis and clean them spontaneously, others might not realize they're closed, because they're so clean. Simply put a piece of tape on the window to prevent other people from thinking there open. You would be surprised how many accidents happen, from clean windows.

5. Last but not least, one of the most important problems with windows. Think security, if you leave your windows open and leave the house, someone now as easy access. There are plenty of ways to make your windows secure, using locks that clamp on to the side of the window. This will allow you to leave the windows open about 4 inches, leaving you the desired ventilation and preventing burglars from entering your domain.

If a window is cracked, or broken it should be replaced as soon as possible. Try to avoid fixing broken glass your self if you don't have any experience. Plenty of people get hurt every year, simply underestimating how sharp broken glass can actually be.

Home Window Ideas

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Modern Bathroom Accessories

Are you finding a new design for your bathroom? If you want your bathroom to be comfortable, it should be equipped with modern accessories. Bathroom is one of the important room in your home. The most important elements you can add to your bathroom are tub, shower stall, sink and commode. You can not imagine a bathroom without accessories. Today people are using bathroom not only for cleaning themselves but also to get rid of all day stress. It is very important that all your accessories should match with the design of your bathroom.

Bathroom is a place which reflects lifestyle of a person. Before designing your bathroom you should try to find information about all the accessories available online or in the market. The most important thing which increases comfort as well as beauty of your washroom is a shower. A bathroom shower can be bought in different shapes, colors and design. Showers can be bought according to your needs and budget. Many people use designer mirrors to increase the beauty of their washroom. Mirrors reflects natural and artificial light and makes the bathroom look more spacious. While buying bathroom accessories you should pay attention not only on beauty but also on safety. A bathroom accessory should be made up of organic and eco-friendly material. Washroom items can be bought on furnishing stores and on the internet. Modern bathrooms are place where you have a lot to install and all that you install add to the comfort you will enjoy in the future.

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Subfloor Damage From Poor Bathtub Installation - Read Bath Tub Fixture Manuals

You should never under estimate the amount of damage that water can do to your wood subfloor. Especially if this wood is underneath your bathtub. If the bathtub is not installed properly, you could find yourself replacing the wood underneath, within a short period of time. This repair is not uncommon and as more homeowners and handyman seemed to be doing projects like these, without the proper experience, it's becoming even more common.

I wish I had a solution to the problem, however, I don't. The best advice I could give anyone who is going to be involved in any home remodeling project, would be to get some books on what ever task you are about to undertake and read all of the information that you possibly can about the products you are going to be installing. This is extremely helpful for anyone who has never installed a bathtub or any bathtub fixtures.

If the product fails and was installed properly, the manufacturer should be responsible for the water damage. I have been reading the manufacturer's installation manuals for quite some time now and every once in a while, I find something that is of great value to me and I get to pass it on to my readers. That's what I'm doing right now.

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom to save money or you want to accomplish a task that you haven't done yet. I would recommend, taking the time to understand, exactly how the water flows off of and on to another section of the bath tub or shower on its way to the drain. Understanding the basics of bathroom remodeling can save you big money in the future.

Save yourself some money and make sure that you install your bathtubs properly. Taking a little time before you start to read the bath tub fixture manuals, can save you some money and grief in the future.

Find More Facts On Home Water Damage.

Greg Vandenberge is working on the internet to promote the education for creating simple to follow guides and home building books to help professional building contractors as well as the weekend warriors. He has just finished a Home Buyers Guide to take some of the frustration out of home shopping.

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How to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover on the Cheap

When is the last time you took a bath? Was it a long time ago? How about the last time you really enjoyed the appearance of your bathroom? If the answer wasn't either "yesterday" or "today," then it's time to do something about it! Upgrading your bathroom to make it a place you can enjoy and appreciate doesn't have to be a difficult renovation or bank-breaking investment. Here are some simple ideas to revamp your space.

1. Take on a bath tub project. If you take on a bathtub refinishing project, you'll find that it is a very cost efficient and can really transform your washroom into a brand-new spa-like experience. Though it might take a little physical work, it will be well worth the reward of having a beautiful new tub to enjoy after a long day of work.

2. Add some flair. Adding a few fun pieces in the bathroom can go a long way, especially since it's usually one of the smaller rooms in the home. Buy some new bright colored towels, and a small picture that accents the towels. With these small colorful twists, it can revive your bathroom from looking bland, to looking grand!

3. Reorganize the clutter. If your bathroom is driving you nuts because it's unorganized and messy, it can really ruin your spirits. Can your problem be solved by adding more storage space or additional tower racks? If so, you've got an easy job. Look into investing in a bathroom vanity. These beautiful pieces of furniture can instantly transform a bathroom with its' distinct characteristics and abundant storage space. You can either go with a single or a double vanity, which has the ability to save you tons of time in the morning when you're used to hurrying your roommate or significant other out of the bathroom. It also leaves you with an easy way to clean up after yourself, and can neatly hold all of your toiletries.

These are just a few things to consider before you decide to rip down the wall or start showering in the outhouse down the street. You don't need to take drastic measures to have your dream bathroom restored, just take one of these approaches and have confidence in your home remodeling skills!

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