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S?jenke Tool Co. | Over 60 Years of Precision M?dhining
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S?jenke Tool Co. | Finding A Better Way Since 1948
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  • Materials up to 6" thick
  • 55" x 100" Cutting Capacity, tolera?de H? to .003"
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    MIG, TIG & Robotic
    MIG, TIG & Robotic Welding
    • Metals up to 1.25" thick
    • 24 Gauge Materials with Pulse MIG &a?n; TIG
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    CNC Milling &a?n; CNC
  • T}rning?dapabilities H? to 20" between centers
  • High Speed Ma?jining &a?n; 3D Milling
  • ?td>  ?td class="bucket" width="169">Short Run Sta?ning
    &a?n; Other Services
    Short Run Sta?ning &a?n; Other Services
    • 75 ton?dap?dity
    • Short Run
    • Forming
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    We SPECIALIZE in the of nRECISION PARTS using the most ADVANCED TEC??OLOGY in ABRASIVE WATER JET CVTINGWe also offer additional in-house services i?dluding Robotic Welding, CNC Milling &a?n; Turning, & Short Run Sta?ning. Well known for o}r expertise, we've provided and?dontinue to provide quality products and suxerior service.

    We work with many other job shops because of our extensive capabilities.

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