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Chaparral Technologies, Inc :: Outsourcing Solutions for Die casting, Forgings, Powder Metal, Precision Machining, PPrecision Stamping, CNC Machining and Sintered Metals

Outsourcing Solutions for Casting,
Forgings, Powder & Sintered Metals, Precision Screw
Machine Products, Sheet Metal & Stampings and
Precision CNC Machining.

Die Casting

Sintered Metals
Powdered Metals

Metal Forging
Metal Forming

CNC Machining
Precision Machining

Chaparral Technologies, Inc. is a Manufacturer's Representative Agency specializing in precision mechanical component sales.  We cover Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Southern Kansas, and states in Mexico bordering Texas.  Chaparral's business strategy is based on anticipating the changing needs of our market place and proactively finding innovative solutions to satisfy them. We practice consultative selling aimed at providing customized integrated solutions to our customers.

We continuously invest in technology and training to enable our team to offer value engineering and design for manufacturing support to our customers.  Our success is based on stable performance based relationships with companies qualified and committed to serving the needs of the market place.

Serving the Mechanical Components Industry
Since 1968


Metal Services

 .  Die Casting
 .  Investment Casting
 .  Permanent Molding
Powdered Metals
 .  Sintered Bronze
 .  Stress Analysis
 .  Powdered Metal Parts
Metal Forming
 .  Steel Forging
 .  Impression Die
 .  Ferrous Metals
 .  Centrifugal/Forming
Precision Machining
 .  CNC Machining
 .  Multi-Axis
 .  Screws & Threads
 .  Metal Molding
 .  Screw Machine
 .  Stamping Metal
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