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Provide our users a one stop website with the tools-of-the-trade ensuring their projects are completed correctly to the building code standards.  Our researchers utilize the attached links over the years to answer their technical questions when completing their projects, whether you perform it yourself, or hire general contractor, installer, or handymen to complete your project.  This site will give you a complete understanding as to who, where, when and how the project should be completed to code.  If you don't see what you want on here, contact us and we will post it on the site. 

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Professional Handymen of American exist for the men and women do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and professional handy person.  Individuals relate codes with another government program designed to take more of the home owner’s hard earned money, and charge more taxes toward your home.  Code requirements are necessary to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the individuals living in the home and give a central reference point for enforcement, review, development and adoption of state building codes. 

     Building and Zoning Departments in your county are your building code authority, and perform inspections, evaluate new codes, and ensure compliance on a daily basis.  Contractors know the building codes very well; however they are still required to have their work inspected by the local building authorities when a building permit is issued.  Once the work is complete the county completes a final inspection to clear the project for occupancy (certificate of Occupancy).  Without the blessing from the authorities your renovation is not legal, and can be difficult to sell your property if work has been completed without a building permit. 

     Bottom line:  The health and safety of your building, family, and belongings are at stake.  Building codes constantly change thought the years due to new processes and technical evaluation after problems were found in the past.  These standards when administered by local authorities lessen the chance an item will be improperly installed, and lessen your chance of problems when selling a home.  When you hire a contractor to do the work, take the time to get a permit, and study the code yourself.  In the long run you will feel better knowing your family and friends are healthy and safe in your new project. 

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: Most states do not require licensed home inspectors.  Associations have lobbied for licensing to become law.  PHofA displays these links to give you a choice, not to promote their business, see your local listings, and members for others who are just as knowledgeable. 


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Important Note
: Most states do not require licensed handymen and general contractors.  PHofA displays these sites to give clients a choice, not as an acceptance of their policies.  Also see your local listings, and professional members who are just as knowledgeable. 

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