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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Hey, Looking for info from anyone using the CHI 3v heads in their Clevelands. I have an issue in my rebuild where the pushrods are hitting the base of the guide plates at lift which is causing the pushrod ball end to slightly start to come out of the rocker arm pockets. My engine builder says this is a problem :( I am using Comp Cam roller cam, COMP Cams Ultra-Gold Aluminum Rockers and CompCam-4804 guideplates.. CHI told me they use Manley 3/8" stepped guide plates #42156-8 . Lots of build...Read More...
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Cylinder heads

A friend of mine is up to start an engine rebuild (351C) and he is looking for advise/"recomondation" about cylinder heads. We booth have AFD heads on our engines but it seems that it is difficult to get in contact with them, they do not respond to email. So if you guys have any information about other brands that are of good quality he would appreciate it. AndersRead More...


Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first post, so I hope I am following proper etiquette. I have just finished a complete custom build on my 73 and I will be listing a lot of original parts in the weeks and months to come. Today I would like to offer my ZF -2 for sale. This tranny is brand new rebuilt by Don Byers I also installed the cable shift offered by SACC. Don completely went through the ZF and installed a taller 5th gear. This tranny can be switched back to linkage shift if...Read More...
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Car Shows of 2019.......

Some of them attended solo, lots of them in company with other local members of the DeTomaso family,most of them opportunities to donate to good causes, one of them victorious for me and all of them chances to share the marque and see many other classic, restored and custom rides. (A clowder of us have already attended our first 2020 show)Read More...

dead electrics bump

have been slowly working my way through the fact my car died an electrical death suddenly wo warning no smoking gun i have power into and out of my ammeter no power to fuse panel (panytera electronic) upgrade or to ignition ignition appears to be after market the black ammeter wire disappears into the bundle behind the conslo any ideas? is there a fuse on the ammeter wire?Read More...
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Having a hard time locating dash vents for a 73, the ones that sit on top of the dash. Was thinking about having them made with by a 3D printer service. anyone use such a service?, would probably be cheaper to run a dozen, than just the 2 I need. Thoughts?Read More...
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Radiator ID

5715 was purchased completely disassembled. Being a fairly simple car sorting parts hasn't been too bad. I can use some help identifying the radiator and fan assemblies. The rad seems to be copper. Is it original or OE replacement? It does have a tag on it from a rad shop. Maybe it was repaired or re-cored? The flat fans are obviously not stock. Is the other fan style stock? The came with two of those. Does any of this stuff have value other than the weight of the copper? It seems to be in...Read More...
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Suggestions on 4V Head Rebuild

I purchase a used set of D1AE 4V quenched chamber heads. They've been rebuilt with what looks like Stainless Steel intakes (because there is no rust on the valve stem tip, see picture) and steel exhausts have a mild rust on the stem tip, all the valves are like this. The one concern I have is the exhaust valves, they look to be welded due heat discoloration where the head and stem meet and could have been welded? Can someone confirm? Just want to make sure they are one piece valves. My...Read More...
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???Relays per Hot Rod magazine

I know relays are a confusing topic to some people. Like many things though, once clearly explained their complexity is removed and they are easily understood. So, Hot Rod magazine, in their March 2020 issue, devoted four pages to the “right way” to build relays. First off, what they really meant was the right way to crimp a Molex connector - which is what three of the four pages were devoted to. But the first page was devoted to relay wiring and they included a photo of a 5-pin relay...Read More...
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73 Pantera 4SALE needs a new owner $70,000 #5986

#5132 Year: 1973 Has not been driven for a few years. Has lots of small issues but overall a good car. Have some records of the car. Ask any questions you have. It has some small spots of rust. There is a crack in the windscreen that has been stop-drilled. Needs to be gone through since sitting so long. Car is originally from Europe. I will take some more pictures when I can. Asking 85,000$Read More...
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EFI Edlebrock E-Street

Just watched a Video of the Edlebrock E-Street EFI. Might be a easier install on our Pantera's? This setup has is own Electric fuel set up and return fuel line, (seperate unit) witch they say will work in conjunction with your Manuel or Electric fuel pump. I found it interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFM_3fYvmNg Any Thoughts?Read More...

Panteta Tools

S. Kolbe
Hello and Happy New Year! I am a recent 1st. time Pantera owner, looking to replace the factory wrenches, screwdrivers and plyers in my tool roll for Pantera # 4503. I do have the original screw jack and pieces to lift the car. As you can see in the attached photo. My tool roll / pouch is in excellent condition. Just need to fill it. Can anyone help? If someone has a complete set including the pouch. I'd be interested. As I understand not wanting to break up a original set.Read More...
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Big bore headers with what mufflers?

Santa brought me a new set of headers from PI Motorsports. They look awesome. Big 4 into 1 with 2.5" collector. They won't fit up to my current Ansa mufflers so I have not installed them yet. Currently I have a 72 Pre-L Pantera. Going by pictures in this parts page (from PIM) I have 4th series headers and 3rd series mufflers. Despite the 2.25" flange on the Ansa mufflers the actual pipe is much smaller, probably under 2" dia. So here's the question. Does the GTS+GT5 muffler have a larger...Read More...
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I wasn't expecting to see this thermostat! What gives?

Hi Gang, I'm pulling my engine apart for a cam swap, and I fount this thermostat and restrictor plate in there: What's the point of this modification? Should I leave it, or revert back to original? Also, my heater hose connection is rotted. I'm assuming it can be pulled out and another pressed in place?Read More...
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Parts for Sale...

Not sure if anyone is interested, but if they are, here's what I've got.... The photos are quick ones I snapped. I'll get more/better ones if any one is interested in this stuff. PM me with your email address. Feel free to make offers. You pay shipping. STILL FOR SALE 1 Set Port Plates for 4V Head. Intake Side. $100 Used Telecars & Springs ('73 Car), ~100K Miles on them $100 (OBO) with all hardware, spacers, rubber parts, etc. - Tentatively Sold Glass Fuel Filter $10 - This is the kind...Read More...
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