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GCP Line Card

All the most recent information can be found on the GCP Line Card. From gasket material to IAPMO approved hose clamps and everything in between, GCP branded products are part of everyday industry's most functional moments.

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Production Times 2019
Production Times

See the latest in production/ manufacturing times for National Silicone, Premlene, Rubatex, and GCP sourced products. Updated on the first of every month.

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ASTM Call-out Decoder
ASTM Call-out Decoder

Input your ASTM call-out and receive the specification information in seconds!

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Product Sourcing
Product Sourcing

This may seem like an obvious concept however the most important step in creating a successful sourcing venture, either offshore or not,  is partnering with a supplier that’s best fit for your organization.

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Request for Quote

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Global Sourcing Engineers

We support manufacturers, distributors, and industrial service providers build complex sourcing strategies that enhance competitiveness and lead to company growth.



Companies Hire Us When They Are:


1. Fed up with suppliers not meeting ideal lead times and target pricing. 4. Looking to increase profit through closely managed offshoring.
2. Suffering from high manufacturing costs from low-tech labor intensive parts. 5. Unsure how to leveraging global sourcing to increase competitiveness.
3. In need of product or material development to exact engineering requirements. 6. Dependant on suppliers to receive quality assured materials and parts.




How We Support Our Clients


Through 20 years of sourcing and product development, GCP has developed the capabilities to support manufacturers and distributors increase their margins and better meet their customer's needs. Rooted from internal product development of 8 product-lines with over 4200 SKUs, we have a proven tract record in handling market challenges and making them into opportunities for our clients. Our staff in Canada and China are committed to closely monitor and manage global supply chains with full transparency and prompt communication.


We Are A Fit If You:

Chinese Sourcing

How We Support

  1. Are an industrial company with revenues between $5-$50 million
  2. Want to increases your competitiveness
  3. Need support managing a global supply chain
  • GCP has 20 years of experience working with China, sourcing and developing world-class products. Our Chinese office constantly manages our network of approved suppliers.
  • From managing the supply chain to guaranteeing product quality to financing an order. We facilitate the entire process of moving hard goods from offshore to your door; risk-free.




GCP Services


Product Development
Sourcing Product at Target Pricing
On-going Quality Control
Multinational Engineering Support
Order Financing
New Supplier Sourcing
Supply Chain Management
Chinese Office Management of Suppliers
Freight and Customs Logistics
Trade into China




Working With GCP


Step 1. Strategic Alignment


A 60min call or site visit. We believe it is best to find out upfront if a real future can exist. Together we will determine your supply chain and product needs. “Working with GCP for a year, what does the partnership look like?”


Step 2. Business Case


Our staff does the upfront work to identify our ability to meet your business needs and provide solutions to problems identified during strategic alignment (i.e. target pricing, lead times, quality, supplier).




Step 3. Proposal


At this point, a decision maker is involved to determine the exact services and support that is needed from us. We will customize a solution based on our capabilities and services that are custom to your needs.


Step 4. Service Delivery


Each employee at our office has an important role and will be committed to servicing your supply chain needs. To deliver the best result we encourage our customers to be very engaged during the whole process.


Step 5. Long-Term Relationship


At this point, we solved critical supply chain problems, increased your margins, created new markets and capabilities. Moving forward we will enter new markets and continue to manage your supply chain risk-free.




Our Expertise


Our ability is to source suppliers and products from our years of experience in manufacturing and product development all while navigating geopolitical happenings. Our engineers determine your requirements and deliver quality through on-going testing and quality control.



450 containers shipped in 2017

Delivered 99.85% Quality Across 4200 SKUs

8 Global Manufacturing Countries



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Characteristics for Qualifying Suppliers

Believe it or not industrial manufacturing is a relationship business.

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