• Leaving Great Grandma's quilt better than I found it | Gypsy Magpie


    I have repeatedly found myself not sharing here or on social media because I worry that my photos aren’t magazine quality. So many beautiful moments I’ve missed documenting because of my own insecurity. How silly. No, these aren’t perfectly staged photos with a detailed tutorial, but I just really don’t care and my great grandma […]

  • 50 journal prompts to find clarity during quarantine | gypsy magpie


    Holy smokes, I don’t know about you but my anxiety has been through the roof lately! I feel like the mom in Pride and Prejudice, with “tremblings, such flutterings all over me– such spasms in my side and pains in my head, and such beatings at heart, that I can get no rest by night […]

  • Sunshine will come


    Where to even begin? Take a seat, COVID, it’s not your turn. Before the Storm When March rolled around, I had no idea the mayhem that laid in store. I was excited for Birthday Month, well, as excited as someone in their late 30s can be about birthday month. With our trucking business fully staffed […]

  • Miss K's Raw Granola | gypsy magpie

    Miss K’s Raw Granola

    If you’ve been around here for the long haul, you might remember 6 years back when I shared a “recipe” for my dear friend’s raw granola. You can find that old post HERE if you need a laugh! I use the word recipe loosely because at the time I didn’t have a way to add […]

  • Make your own essential oil shower melts | gypsy magpie

    Essential Oil for Mood & Health + DIY Shower Melts

    I’ve been under the weather and not feeling myself for the last few weeks. My immune system isn’t the strongest and the winter bugs tend to be pretty hard on me. One of the remedies I turn to when I’m feeling like junk is essential oil. I use it to make inhalers, rollers, bath salts, […]

  • Magical moments of 2019 | gypsy magpie

    The Magic of 2019

    I’m feeling a little broadsided that it is the first week of 2020, you guys! I mean, I watched the days tick by on the calendar but it still seems a little mindblowing. The last decade of my life flew by! It’s hard to believe that I have lived in my little valley longer than […]

  • Evergreen Toy Box

    Evergreen Toy Box

    My sweet friend moved a while back and, in the process, she dropped off an old chest she didn’t want anymore. The hardware was busted and the paint was worn off. Then after sitting in our playroom for months, the whole thing looked pretty beat up and definitely needed a little love. TOY BOX BEFORE: […]