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At Frank’s Pool Services, Inc., in Jacksonville, Florida, we pride ourselves on quality work, complete client satisfaction, and efficient service. If your pool’s plaster is cracked, the chlorine level is off, or the filter just isn’t cleaning your pool, let us help! If your pool is ready for a renovation, let us have it looking new and improved with a full remodel! Need help maintaining your pool? We’re here for you. From large commercial to small residential pools, we can help keep it running with regular pool maintenance services. Call us today at 904-642-2583 for more information on our services! 
Florida Swimming Pool Association

Reliable Pool Repairs & Remodeling

Whether your pool’s filter isn’t working or your pool has started leaking, we can fix it. We offer leak detection services to find the root of your pool’s leak. From heaters to pumps and salt generators, we can repair your equipment. If your equipment is working fine, but your pool’s plaster is chipped, we can repair that too! Call us today at 904-642-2583 to schedule a FREE remodeling consultation!

Driveway Installations

Frank’s Pool Services, Inc. does more than just pools! In our years in the pool industry, we’ve poured concrete and laid pavers for pools and it just made sense to expand our expertise to driveway installations too! If your current driveway looks worn down and in need of repair, we can replace your current driveway with a new one. To learn more about our driveway installations, call us today at 904-642-2583.
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